Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Survey Earnings (April 2013)

This is the third month that I'm sharing my survey earnings. I have stopped using a couple sites because I didn't feel they were worth the time. I also added a new one. Read on to find out more about the sites I'm using.

I've listed the sites in no particular order with how much I've earned on them, how I earned, and I included some screenshot of my accounts. I posted links to where you can sign up for the sites if you choose.

Inbox Dollars

Total Amount Earned: $17.19

How I earned: Reading emails, referral rewards, surveys, searching the web, watching videos

This is still one of my favorite sites to use. For the emails, you don't have to view them for a certain amount of time in order to be credited (for some other sites you do). You just click, it redirects you to the site that's being advertised, and you're automatically credited. There are more ways to earn than what I've done too. You can print/redeem coupons, play games, and complete offers. When you sign up, you get $5!
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Current earnings for Inbox Dollars

Vindale Research

Total Amount Earned: $18.05

How I earned: Studies and referrals

For some reason my earnings decreased a few cents since last month. It could be because certain earnings weren't authorized or something. This site has evaluations, which are like offers, as well as studies, which are surveys. I usually do the studies, but the evaluations seem to pay really well. I also like that you earn $5 for every referral. If you were to just refer 5 people, that's $25!
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Screenshot of my Vindale account


Search & Win

Total Amount Earned: 2,683 swagbucks

How I earned: Daily poll, surveys, searching the web, referrals, etc.

This remains my favorite rewards site! It's fun and you can earn swagbucks really quickly. There are so many ways to earn that it's too much to write here. The best ways to earn a good chunk of swagbucks at a time are by searching the web and taking surveys. For 2500 swagbucks, I can cash out for $25 paypal already. I'm letting it build up though.
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Screenshot of my Swagbucks earnings


Total Amount Earned: $9.01

How I Earned: Reading emails, referral earnings

This is an easy and simple way to earn. It doesn't earn you money quickly though. The best way to earn is to refer people. I like this site because of it's simplicity.
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Screenshot of my Hits4Pay account


Current Earnings: 615 points

How I Earned: Taking surveys, attempting surveys

I have loved this site for a long time. It's strictly surveys. I've already cashed out numerous times ($65 worth) and have even had the chance to test some products. I like that you earn points even when you don't qualify for surveys.
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Some of my rewards from I-Say


Total Amount Earned: $6.75

How I earned: Taking shorts surveys

This is a site I just started using this month and I absolutely love it. They give you short surveys (I'm talking less than 5 minutes each!) and you can earn up to $25 for each referral you make. They also give you trait surveys to get to know more about you and that earns you a traitscore. When you're traitscore gets high, you'll earn more per answer. I get 1-2 surveys a day. I haven't had to spend much time on it at all and there's a low cashout threshhold.
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Earnings for PaidViewpoint

Total amount earned: $83.98
Total at end of last month: $64.07

*These figures are considering points as their cash values along with actual cash earnings.

So those are all the sites I'm focusing on right now.  I'm liking PaidViewpoint and Swagbucks the most, but they're all great. Since I've been active on these sites for awhile, I'm thinking of doing a rundown of each individual site in future posts because I could go a lot more in-depth about them.

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  1. has worked out alright for me. I generally am disqualified for the real surveys, but there are almost always 15 micro-surveys available.

    1. 15-point micro surveys, I meant.

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