Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Craft: Working with Looms

If you've visited my shop or followed me on some sort of social media account (Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc) you probably already know that I make things on looms as well as sell them. I started out last year knitting on looms and now I also weave on looms. I've gathered some looms, yarn, and tools to show you everything I use in order to make the pieces you see in my shop.

I use all kinds of yarn for my projects - different colors, textures, and sizes.

Long loom, round loom, and spool loom.
These are just a few of the looms I use to make my pieces. 

A cotton tote bag in progress on a round loom.

A woven project using cotton yarn and the Martha Stewart loom.
This will be a eyeglass case like this one.

Using looms is a lot of fun. I make all kinds of different projects on them. Bags, scarves, eyeglass cases, headbands, shawls, and coasters - I have made all of these and have them for sell in my shop. I'm always looking at new patterns and learning new techniques for my looms. Any questions about this craft? Just ask!

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