Monday, July 23, 2012

California State Fair

This weekend I went to the California State Fair, an event I have attended the past few years. It was incredibly hot at 101 degrees! Luckily we managed to escape most of the heat by browsing indoor exhibits and attractions. We ate lots of food, saw some animals, did tons of walking, and saw Scotty McCreery perform.  Here are some pictures from the day...

We were able to get pretty close to this beautiful Bald Eagle. She was missing a wing due to being shot. 

My favorite pic of the day. Don't these two look like they're laughing at something together?

Sleeping bobcat.

Watching Scotty

Have you gone to a fair this year?
What's your favorite part?


  1. Stopping in from the blog team. :)

    When I lived in Elk Grove, I went to the State Fair every year. It was always a lot of fun and holds a lot of childhood memories for me. Even though I live close enough to make it a day trip, I haven't been back since I moved out of the area. I can't stand the heat anymore anyway. It's in the 80s where I live now!

    Jen :)

  2. Looks like a fun time! I love fairs but haven't been to one since my kids were little. They do have lots of different things to see, do, and eat.

  3. We go to the North Carolina fair every year. My favorite part is the food! There is always some new fried thing to try if you are brave (fried pickles, fried snickers, fried twinkies...). Love your photos!