Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Survey Earnings (March 2013)

Last month I shared my earnings from the survey sites I signed up for. I want to continue to share my earnings with you to show you that you can make a little extra money from these sites, so I'm doing a monthly update. Here are my current earnings.

Inbox Dollars
Total Amount Earned: $14.59


I like this site a lot. I've earned money using their search, taking surveys, and reading email. I'm about halfway to cashing out. If you sign up, you automatically get $5!
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Vindale Research
Total Amount Earned: $18.40

I earned pretty quickly at first and now it has slowed down. I still like this site though. I earned $5 just for referring someone. I also earned by taking surveys and reading emails.
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Total Amount Earned: 1780 swagbucks

Search & Win

This site is my favorite, as I've said before. It's so easy to earn "swagbucks" and there are tons of ways to earn them. Besides that, it's a fun site! I earn the most by searching the web.
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Total Amount Earned: $7.44

This site requires the least amount of effort. You just read emails from your inbox on the site. You click on the link in the email, it takes you to the advertiser's site, you view it until you're credited, then you go to the next one. It's too easy!
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Total Amount Earned: $0.79

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

I haven't spent much time with this one, obviously. I've heard it's a good site, but I'm not really getting into it. There are a lot of offers, but I don't want to sign up for a million things. I might just forget about this one.
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Total Amount Earned: 505 points 

I've been signed up with I-Say for a couple years. I've already cashed out for $65 worth of rewards. I opted for both Paypal and Amazon credit. I've also been able to try cool products in exchange for my opinions! This is a really great site. You even get  points for every survey you don't qualify for.
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Total earned: $64.07

The total amount includes the cash and point value of everything I've earned so far.
I don't have a lot of time to commit to surveys, which is why I'm only signed up for these few reward sites. There are tons of these sites though. If I devoted more time to them, I could earn more quickly.
Since I'm not dependent on this money, I'm going to let it build up over time. I'm in no rush to cash out yet. It's almost like keeping a rainy day fund or a savings stash!

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