Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shop Update, Goals, and New Items

I finally have a total of 60 items in my shop. Of course, as soon as I say that a purchase will be made and that statement will no longer be true. That isn't so much of a problem in my eyes though! I 've made 5 more sales since my last update when I hit the magical "50 sales milestone".

I noticed lately that people were mostly buying two things: sunglass cases and loom knit bags. I've been working on making more of those items, but instead of loom knit bags (which can take some time), I'm concentrating on getting more sewn fabic bags listed. I love picking out fabric and sewing the bags. They're a lot of fun.

This is the count for what I've sold so far:
Eyeglass cases - 8
Bags - 12
Scarves - 28
Headbands - 4
Coaster sets - 3

Scarves take the cake in my shop, but while the weather is hot, I won't be making or listing anymore than I have (there are 16 right now!).

Here's what's new in my shop right now:

I'm pretty surprised how much people like these things. I'll make every color of the rainbow if I have to.  I have 12 available right now. They're great for protecting eyewear.

These simple totes are great. I made a couple to keep already. During the summer, I live at the pool and the lake and these are perfect for carrying my outdoor essentials (usually sunscreen, a magazine, my phone + headphones, a snack, etc.).  I add 2 pockets to these bags - pockets are a must!

Goals for this month:
-Get to 70 items listed! I'm slowly working up to 100. If this was the only thing I worked on, I could definitely  get there quicker. A lot of my time goes to my beauty blog.

-Be more active on social media! As a blogger, social media is half of my job; I'm constantly updating to stay relevant. For my Etsy shop, I tend to neglect that aspect.

If you're a shop owner, what are your goals for the month?

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