Friday, December 13, 2013

Homemade Gift Tags

I'm getting crafty this Christmas and making my own gift tags. I normally buy the big packs of cute gift tags at Costco and I still even  have a bunch left from last year, but this time I wanted to put my own touch on them.

I picked out some blank tags from Jo-ann. I also bought a bunch of supplies from Michael's and Jo-ann to decorate the tags with. I used glitter, foam shapes, sequins, paper, washi tape, and other things I already had. Sharpie pens were great for this project too.

I feel like adding your own personal touch to a wrapped gift makes it that much more special. I had so much fun with this project! The homemade characteristics of the tags are what make them so unique and there are limitless ways to create them with the supplies you have. I could probably make a couple hundred tags that would all look different.

Here are some of the gift tags I made:

I'm likely to make many more of these this year, even if I don't need them. It puts me in a festive mood and I get to use my creativity!

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