Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Painting: Abstract and Colorful

Those who know me, know that I'm very much into art - creating and observing. It's always been "my thing", ever since I was a little girl. I took all kinds of art classes growing up and continued in high school and college. Art is very much a part of my life in present day as well. I express myself through it.

I like to paint and draw mostly. I started painting seriously in high school when I took an abstract art class. I painted 3 huge canvases with colorful acrylics. I let my mom put them up on the wall at her work when she was a school librarian. Everyone always made comments that I should sell my work. I never thought I'd be interested in selling because I get very attached. As an artist, you spend a lot of time on your pieces and pour  your emotions into them. It's like taking all of your deep inner thoughts and displaying them for everyone to see and critique. It's not so easy to part with that. .

Now I've started to take painting up again. I'm not sure if I'll sell any of my work. It really depends on people's interest. I am open to it though. 

Here's a piece I painted recently. 

To me, my paintings always look unfinished. I battled with myself over whether I should add more or leave it alone and even looking at it now, I'm still wondering if it needs to be tweaked. 

When you do abstract work, you want there to be movement in your piece. The goal is for the eye to move all over and not just stay in one place. That was something that was present in my mind when creating this piece. Another thing I considered when painting this, was color balance. All the colors you see are used throughout the whole piece and complement each other. I always use lots of color in my work (except for my pencil drawings).

Does this piece have a specific meaning? Not a simple one, no. Some might think it looks like a feather; others might see something deeper in it. Everyone will have their own opinions. For me, I can't describe in words what it means. It just makes sense to me. Art has its own language.

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