Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Survey Earnings

I'm on my fourth month of sharing my survey earnings. Actually, this one is a little bit late since we're in mid-June and this is my earnings report for May. So there may be some June earnings included with the current numbers, but I still wanted to share my progress!

Inbox Dollars

Total Amount Earned: $20.98

This site still remains one of my favorites. I mostly earn by reading emails (which are super quick), searching the web, taking surveys, and by referrals. The cashout threshold is $30 and I'm not far from it. You automatically earn $5 when you sign up!
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Screenshot of current earnings

Vindale Research

Total Amount Earned: $29.87

The reason I like this site is because you can earn money really quickly with referrals. You get $5 for every person you refer - so if you refer just 10 people, that's $50! I've also earned with reward mail and studies (surveys). This site offers evaluations that pay really well too - usually you have to complete offers like signing up for a service or buying a product.
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Screenshot of Vindale earnings


Search & Win

Total Amount Earned: 3311 SB
Current Amount: 734 SB
Amount redeemed: 2500 SB for $25 Paypal

This is one of the sites I've been able to cashout on so far. On Swagbucks, you can cashout pretty early. I love this site. There are tons of ways to earn Swagbucks and it's fun! I search the web, take daily polls, take surveys, watch videos, etc. Searching the web and taking surveys will earn Swagbucks very quickly.
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Screenshot of Swagbucks earnings


Total Amount Earned: $10.13

Hits4Pay is a unique site and sort of hard to understand at first. You only have to click emails and view the advertiser's site for a couple minutes while you're being credited. It's very simple, but takes some time to build up earnings. The best way to earn more quickly is to refer people.
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Screenshot of Hits4Pay earnings


Total Amount Earned: $18.73
Current earnings: $3.51
Amount redeemed: $15.22

This site is awesome! I only started in April and I've already been able to cashout. The cashout threshhold is only $15 and it doesn't take long to reach it. Also, the surveys are really quick - all under 5 minutes! You also take trait surveys that earn a traitscore. When that score gets higher, you earn more. It's a simple site and I really enjoy using it. You can earn up to $25 for every friend you refer.
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Screenshot of PaidViewpoint earnings

Other Sites Worth Mentioning

I haven't been using this one as much because the surveys can be kind of long. However, I've cashed out a lot in the past ($65 worth). I've been on this site the longest and I still like it, but just don't have tons of time for it.

NPD Online Research
I started with this site recently. The surveys don't take long, but they earn you points to use for sweepstakes. I wasn't into it at first ....until I won a $50 VISA card! Now I'm using it all the time.

Pinecone Research
This site is hard to get into. You have to be invited or happen to find one of their banner ads to sign up. I actually found a banner with some googling. They're not always accepting new members though. I've heard for years that this one is the best survey site to join. I've taken some surveys and even been able to do a product test already. They have a huge rewards catalogue too.

NCP Panel
For this panel, you have to use their device to scan all of your purchases every week to submit to them. They don't just take anyone either. You have to apply and if they need people in your area, they might choose you. I was chosen, but after receiving the equipment in the mail, I realized I wasn't going to commit to scanning purchases weekly. They asked for the equipment back and I knew I just didn't have time or energy for it, so back it went. I'm totally okay with that.


So that concludes my monthly update. If I were to suggest three sites to sign up for they would be Swagbucks, PaidViewpoint, and Inbox Dollars. I recommend giving each site a try if you can. They won't bring in loads of money and it can be a slow process, but what you earn depends on how much effort/time you put in. My earnings could be higher, but I have other things to work on as well.

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