Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIY Craft Storage

I have quite a bit of supplies I actively use for my Etsy shop. I have a plastic drawer set to hold most of them but the important part of my storage solution is the organization within it. There are all kinds of drawer organizers you can buy, but the best option is to use something you already have. 
Shoe boxes happen to be something everyone has lying around because they are useful for many things. For this project I chose a narrow shoebox to house ribbon, hemp cord, and small pattern booklets.

This plain shoebox wasn't very attractive so I used some gift wrap, scissors, and tape to dress it up a little. 

I didn't make it look perfect but I'm okay with that. They are tons of ways to decorate a shoebox. You can use glue, tape, ribbon, gift wrap, wallpaper, shelf paper, construction paper, fabric, washi tape, tissue paper, stickers, etc. You can really get creative with it or just keep it simple but it adds a little something to your storage area inexpensively (minus the shoes it came with!).

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